Late Mr.Abbass Ali Goharian Founder of Sekkeh Gaz Company

Near 450 years ago in historical city of Isfahan contemporary with dehiscence of Safavi science and art with our fathers’ talents was produced a kind of product that was unique either in nutritious or pharmaceutical properties.



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Sekkeh Gaz Co. is a manufacturer company which was established by the late Mr. Abbas Ali Goharian in 1968. Holding ISO 9001-9002 certificates in quality management and food safety (HACCP) for producing Gaz, this company has paced its first steps toward extending new horizons for global business. Among our recent accomplishments, we can mention achievement of Iran National Standard Certificate for pistachio and almond Gaz production, awarded by the Iranian National Standards Organization. This certificate was conferred to us due to our success in acquiring the highest rate of production in 2005, the best performance in food and drug control in 2006, as well as entering into European and Asian markets, introducing one of the most traditional products of Isfahan to the world's famous sweet and confectionery markets. This late accomplishment also was obtained in close relationship with scientific institutes, universities, and expert consultants. Among other activities, we can refer to the running of a two-year educational program for making Gaz scientifically under the supervision of Isfahan University of Applied Science and Technology, obtaining Research and Development (R&D;) certificate from Iranian Ministry of Industries and Mines, establishing Research and Development Unit in Isfahan Science and Research Town (Sheikh Bahaee Building), and producing, exclusively, a variety of sugar-free Gaz. In this regard, we have tried to produce new products which would satisfy not only customers’ tastes but also provide them with nutritive materials vital for human body.






In order to be in touch with customers who have been at the center of attention in our company, an informative newsletter entitled with "Atiq Gaz”

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