1- We are honored to mention that we have exported our products
to 26 countries around the world by 2007.
2- Patenting our new product, sugar-free Gaz.
3- Producing 100% natural products
4- Holding ISO 9001 (quality management), HACCP (food safety),
Iran’s National Standard Certificate, achieving sugar-free
Gaz Certificate from Luxcontrol Lab, Germany.
5- Variable, beautiful, and luxurious packages
6- The memorable taste




Tudjon meg mindent, tippeket!


In categorizing the value and significance for exportation, variety of the target countries plays
an important role. So far, our major exportation has been to the European countries, especially
Germany, England, France, Australia, and Switzerland, as well as several Arab countries like
Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Using nutritive materials in our products, avoiding chemical ones
and production under specific international standards are the key factors that have led us to
successful exportation. In 2006, our products were exported to 26 different countries, directly
and indirectly. Moreover, in the second half of 2005, exportation to Japan got started. Being
able to export Gaz to this Asian country is important in several aspects. First, there is a huge
difference between Japanese taste and the Iranian one. Therefore finding a way to their market
bespeaks high qualification. Second, regulations in this country, especially in the field of food
industry, are very severe. They stand number one in food standards. So, for being able to export
to Japan, we already need to have top international certificates. It should be added that Sekkeh
Gaz Co. was formally registered in Iran Exporters CD, with the approval of Isfahan chamber of
commerce and issuing the formal export certificates of the company to the ministry of commerce
in 2004-2005. Experts at export department of Sekkeh Gaz Co. are ready to support and offer
services to you utilizing online Messengers and VOIP communication








In order to be in touch with customers who have been at the center of attention in our company, an informative newsletter entitled with "Atiq Gaz”

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