Certificate of Research and Development
Research and development Certificate of SekkehGaz Co.
Was issued by Ministry of Industries and Mines in 25.05.2006, after approval of the plans and activities for developing the R&D; Unit.
Certificate of Quality control system ISO 9001:2000.
Date of issue: 20.07.2004
Food safety and health standard (HACCP) in Gaz production
Date of Issue: 09.05.2005
Standard Certificate

Sekkeh Gaz Co. has been qualified for obtaining Iran national standards for a variety of its pistachio Gaz for the first time. No similar company producing Gaz with pistachio nut as its ingredients has been awarded by the Iranian National Standards Organization so far. Sekkeh Gaz Co. was selected among thousands of standard holder companies as the best productive company by this organization. Our company has obtained Standard Certificate for a variety of 28% and 35% pistachio and almond Gaz.

Product Certificate for sugar-free Gaz
Product certificate, Was issued by TUV Rheinland Group, Germany, in 24.03. 2006 to make our products eligible for exporting to EU countries.
Import certificate by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture
After a delicate process of evaluation, Turkish Ministry of Agriculture issued a certificate to introduce six items of Sekkeh Gaz products, including plain Gaz, chocolate covered Gaz and Sohans, as importable. Obtaining this certificate is important, given the ever-increasing relationships between Turkey and European markets, and lucrative tourism industry in this country. No similar product has been awarded such a certificate yet.






In order to be in touch with customers who have been at the center of attention in our company, an informative newsletter entitled with "Atiq Gaz”

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